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[email protected] | +34 622 567 969

FREE TRAINING -we organise finance for your company through FUNDAE.
Free access to our online learning platform.

Speaking classes for maximum 4 students.
Free access to our online learning platform.
First class free to try.

Online courses & challenges with support from native teachers.
Improve your English in a flexible & economic way.


If you really want your son or daughter to get a taste of the language, get to know another culture, interact and get that fluency he or she lacks, or boost his or her English in a definitive way, this is the solution. Contact us: [email protected] | +34 622 567 969



To become fluent in English, you must:
Study grammar and vocabulary every day - WRONG!
Do an English exam - WRONG!
Move to an English speaking country - WRONG!

To become fluent in English you need to:
 Be motivated (have a reason to improve) 
Have a personalized roadmap with step-by-step instructions on how to reach your objectives
Be willing to follow your roadmap (plan). 

Our programmes work because:
✨You have a tried and tested roadmap (programme) based on needs and lifestyle.
✨We foster interest and love for learning, and we support students personally.
✨We help you to stay motivated and consistent, so you see the end result - being fluent and confident in English.

IMMERSE yourself in activities in English that you enjoy.  
PRACTICE your speaking until you feel confident and gain fluency.
Simple - BUT IT WORKS!

🗣️You speak fluently and with confidence - no more embarrassment.
🌐More career opportunities open up for you!

What our students have to say

Professionals and totally committed to teaching. Very satisfied with their services.
Irina Zagvózdkina 

Account Manager FacePhi 

  They put a lot of effort into teaching, correcting mistakes, and providing the best and most appropriate resources for the goals that students have. English classes are fun thanks to their humor and advice. But the most important thing is that they are really good people. If you want to learn English, I totally recommend these teachers! Thanks for teaching me so well! Now I can say that I can speak and understand English. 
Javier Barrachina

 R&D Director FacePhi

In the past, I've had different kinds of English courses and learnings. I've never had a quicker improvement as with Sabrena and Killian. In a few months, I've achieved the confidence and knowledge for having business meetings in English. Simply incredible :)
Moi Mas

 COO Nitsnets

Who said that improving your English must be serious and boring? I discovered with Killian and Sabrena another way to practice enjoying it and always in a good mood. Thanks to both of them.
Mélanie Martineau  

Project manager, Nitsnets

  I am very satisfied with classes. I feel that I am improving every day, and not only do you learn, you also have a fun time.  We work with them in our company, and in addition to classes, we have a wide range of services... weekly English resources, a platform.... it is very  useful! I strongly recommend it.
Pablo Alonso Sanchez

HR Director, Planeta Huerto

Sabrena and Killian are great professionals, I'm learning english with them and I have improved  my listening and speaking significantly  in 5 months.
Isidro Hernández  

 Backend Developer, Nitsnets


From Ireland, we have been teaching English since 2011 English to over 1,000 professionals, from over 100 companies, and we now have 9 teachers working online to deliver high quality training to important companies and professionals.
We have developed online courses for busy professionals and companies who need to improve, but don´t know HOW and don´t have TIME.
We have also developed packages of courses + coaching for professionals and companies who need to learn English for work, but also need to practice speaking in the most effective way possible.

IMMERSE yourself in activities in English that you enjoy - We teach you how!
PRACTICE your speaking until you feel confident and gain fluency.
Simple - BUT IT WORKS!

Sabrena Doherty


From Ireland, Sabrena has been teaching English in Spain with her husband Killian since 2011. As a language learner, she knows the importance of feeling confident with your language skills, and also having fun while you practice.

Killian Dunford


Killian  has been teaching English in Spain with Sabrena for 11 years and brings his sense of fun to the class - students become more fluent & confident quickly while having fun in the class. Killian loves teaching and it shows.

Arina Lannoo


Arina has been teaching English to Spanish students since 2016. In addition to helping students become more confident and fluent, she also runs an interdisciplinary dance and music company that performs internationally.

Isobella Kristina Fortnam Tomlinson


Isobella has been teaching English to Spanish speakers for more than 3 years, working with children & adults. She is currently teaching English and Business English to Spanish company employees online.

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